Logo van Gemeente Leidschendam-Voorburg dat doorverwijst naar de homepage
Logo van Gemeente Leidschendam-Voorburg dat doorverwijst naar de homepage

Municipal Council

The municipal council is the highest level of municipal government. The council decides on the municipality’s policies and ensures that the policy is implemented. The municipal council makes decisions during municipal council meetings. The mayor serves as the chairperson for the council.

The municipal council has 3 important duties:

  • Represent the population of Leidschendam-Voorburg. Council members act on behalf of the residents
  • Determine the municipality’s policy priorities. For example, the municipal council decides how much money to spend on which issues (programme budget). The municipal council also decides on municipal laws (ordinances). These decisions often deal with issues that affect many residents, such as housing, employment, culture and recreation
  • Check if the municipal executive is implementing the agreed-upon policies

Composition of the municipal council

The Municipal Information website features the contact details and ancillary functions of the municipal council members and parties.

Go to Municipal Information Systemexterne-link-icoon (in Dutch)

Council committees

Municipal council committees advise the council on council proposals or other issues. The committees also consult with the municipal executive regarding information provided or administrative issues. A committee consists of municipal council members and supplementary committee members. A supplementary committee member is not a member of the municipal council, but is on the electoral list of the political party that he or she represents in the committee.

The municipal council has 2 council committees:

  • Society Committee
  • Living Environment Committee

Municipal Information website: list of municipal council committee membersexterne-link-icoon (in Dutch)

Attending a meeting or watching a live stream

You can watch the live stream of meetings of the municipal council, committees or feedback groups. You can also use this link to watch the video recordings of past meetings.

Watch the live streamexterne-link-icoon (in Dutch)

Watch a past meetingexterne-link-icoon (in Dutch)

  • Municipal council meetings are held in the assembly hall in Huize Swaensteijn. If you have any questions, please contact the registrar via the Municipal Information website.
  • The Society Committee and the Living Environment Committee meet every 4 weeks on Monday and Tuesday in the assembly hall of Huize Swaensteijn, Voorburg (except for school holidays).
  • You can find the meeting schedule, agendas and documentsexterne-link-icoon (in Dutch) on the Municipal Information website. Meeting announcements are also posted in the municipal column of the local news outlet Het Krantje.


If you wish to communicate with the municipal council, you can contact the municipal registrar. You can find the contact detailsexterne-link-icoon (in Dutch) on the Municipal Information website.