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Exchanging a foreign driving licence

If you have a foreign driving licence, you may need to exchange it for a Dutch licence. You will be charged a fee for the exchange application. You can only exchange a foreign driving license by appointment with the Leidschendam Service Centre.

What you need to know

  • For more information, see: RDW: exchanging a foreign driving licence
  • Your foreign driving licence will be sent to the RDW for the exchange. The exchange will take around 10 working days, which means you will not have a driving licence during that time and are not legally allowed to drive

What to bring

  • Your foreign driving licence
  • Your proof of identification (passport, ID card)
  • 1 recent passport photo (not older than 6 months), Government of the Netherlands: requirements for photos
  • Your old driving licence (if requesting an extension)
  • CBR medical statement (if a medical exam is required)

Passport photo booth

The Leidschendam Service Centre offers a passport photo booth (not suitable for disabled persons or young children). The photos produced by the booth are usually suitable for identification purposes. A set of passport photos costs € 8. Digital passport photos for driving licence extensions cost € 10. You can pay using the touch-free card reader.


The fee for exchanging a foreign driving licence is € 48,15

You will be asked to pay the fee when you submit the application.

Please note: the only payment method is by debit card.